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In late Fall of 2018, we will send you your account login and information about adding your college financial award letter. Know that we will never sell your information.

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When you receive your College Financial Award Offer Letter, add the information including costs, grants, and loans. Answer when you might graduate and potential first job.

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Immediatly after adding your award letter, you can see your estimated monthly student loan payment. You can even select a job to see the potential starting salary and degree requirements.

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Remember that you are in control of your financial future. What if you borrow less? Or borrow more? Use College Forecaster's interactive features to see how your payment is affected.

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Why? Because our calculator doesn't assume your needs, we help you plan for your post-graduation financial future.

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  • Estimate your monthly student loan payment
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From Uncertain to Confident

A 2015 study by the Federal Reserve Board found that when aware of their estimated debt, students borrowed on average $1,300 less, registered for more credits, and earned a higher GPA.

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We will begin the beta program this Fall 2018, in time for any early College Financial Award Offer letters. Sign up today!


What is the free beta program?

Before we make our debut to the world, we want to ensure that we have built a quality product. For us, this means making financial stuff less overwhelming and intimidating. We want to provide information in a way that makes sense and enough information for you to make an informed decision.

Are my existing student loans considered in the calculations?

Yes. You can add any existing student loans (federal and private loans). A helpful link is provided on the page for quick access to your federal loan information.

Do colleges already provide this information?

Not exactly. While there are some states that require colleges and universities to disclose your monthly payment based on what you owe now, College Forecaster's solution offers an interactive tool to estimate what your student loan payment might be after graduation. We fill in this gap, then go further to provide additional career and salary information, tailored to you.

Is this available for colleges outside the United States?

At this time, this service is only available for public and private colleges and universities in the United States and U.S. Territories.

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